Green Building with Lumber and Other Building Materials

Metal roofing ASC

Construction projects have a significant impact on the environment. They use man-made materials, create a lot of waste, and cause greenhouse gas emissions. To reduce the environmental impact, many home and building owners are searching for ways to make their construction more sustainable. This can be done by using natural materials, improving energy efficiency, reducing […]

10 Home Improvement Projects That Will Give You Bang for Your Buck in 2023

10 Home Improvement Projects That Will Give You Bang for Your Buck in 2023

Each year Remodeling Magazine produces a list of the top projects to increase your home’s value and how much of the costs you can recoup for homeowners throughout the United States. Based on 2022’s Cost vs Value Report for the Pacific Northwest, here are the top 10 projects you can get the most return on […]

Redmond High School students building homeless shelters for Oasis Village

Hayden Homes Redmond High School | Parr Lumber

Hayden Homes partnered with Parr Lumber and Redmond High School to share and train their local CTE students on the new OptiFrame construction system. Redmond High School students are getting a lesson in compassion, as well as construction. They’re assembling an 80-square-foot shelter that will house a homeless individual in Redmond’s Oasis Village later this year.

Real Estate Market Expectations in the Pacific Northwest

Real Estate Market Going Up | Parr Lumber

According to a recent Zillow survey of economists and housing experts, the real estate market is expected to be in favor of home buyers in 2023. The Zillow Home Price Expectations Survey suggested that higher mortgage costs are driving down competition among home shoppers.

5 Must-Do Home Remodels This Winter

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Now that the rains have arrived, we know winter isn’t far behind. It’s best to focus on the interior of your home during the colder weather. Whether you hire a contractor or do it yourself, working in the cold is no fun. If you’re looking to spruce up the inside of your home, there are […]

Eco-Friendly Home Decor Tips

adding plants to your decor

It can be confusing to know what products and materials to use when you’re trying to update your home’s look while being eco-friendly. So, we’ve put together this list of tips to help you redesign sustainably and make your home healthier.

Parr Recognized as a Top Place to Work in 11th Annual Oregonian Survey

Oregonian Top Workplaces for 2022 | The Parr Company

The Parr Company has been named one of the top places to work according to The Oregonian survey. The newspaper partnered with Philadelphia-based Energage to determine the area’s top workplaces. Energage administered the surveys, using the results to rank employers. Below is the full press release.

Best Decking Materials for the Pacific Northwest

Best decking at PARR LUMBER

Whether it’s a venue for intimate family gatherings or large social events, decks are a great way to enjoy nature while sharing food and drink or just hanging out. Your deck must be sturdy, durable, and safe, as well as complement your home’s decor. In the Pacific Northwest, decks are traditionally built with either lumber […]

Home Improvements in 2022 That Increase Your Home’s Value

Home improvement

Houses are investment pieces regardless of whether or not you purchased one with that thought in mind. Unlike other expensive purchases that can also be considered investments, houses actually appreciate in value when they experience proper maintenance and upkeep. Of course, you can also make changes and modifications to the home that affect its value, […]