Tip of the Week – Use a Tin Can Lid to Patch a Wall

Do you have a small hole in your wall that you would like to patch up? Not sure how to do it? It’s actually fairly simple to patch up a small wall hole — just follow the nine easy steps below.

  1. Make a backing for the hole with a tin can lid, piece of plywood, or scrape piece of drywall (make sure your backing is a little larger than the hole you’re patching up)
  2. Cut a slit in the wall large enough to fit your backing through
  3. Make two tiny holes in the backing material
  4. Thread a piece of wire or string through the holes
  5. Holding ends of wire, slide backing through slit, then pull backing toward you with the wire until it’s flat against the inside of wall
  6. Hold the backing in place by placing a stick of scrap wood over the hole on the outside of wall, and then twisting wire tightly over stick until the backing is held firmly against inside of wall
  7. Apply drywall patching compound over the hole
  8. After at least 24 hours, cut wires and remove the stick
  9. Lightly sand and then apply a second coat and smooth it out to make the patch flush with the rest of the wall

DIY source and more details: How to Fix Drywall Holes