Five Coffin Ideas for Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner so it’s time to make some scary props. Today, we are sharing five coffin ideas on our blog. Coffins are relatively easy to make. Just google the term “coffin templates” and then construct the coffins out of CDX plywood.

5 Halloween Coffin Ideas

1. Coffin as an entrance door

Halloween coffin as an entrance

Photo credit: Screaming Scarecrow

2. Coffins for the whole family

Halloween coffins for the entire family

Photo credit: Pedro Vera

3. Coffin with a mummy

Halloween mummy in a coffin

Photo credit: Ruthanne Reid

4. Creepy upright coffin

Halloween coffin standing upright

Photo credit: Kathleen Conklin

5. Coffin filled with fog

Halloween coffin filled with fog

Photo credit: Matt Michalski