Opti-Frame: Benefits of Precut Framing Packages

Change is hard. Many construction contractors resist new products or techniques because there are too many unknowns. Prefabrication and modular construction have been around for many years, but many contractors have resisted implementing them in their standard practices. Innovations like precut framing packages allow contractors to improve their efficiency, saving time and money, without having to change their procedures substantially.

Parr Lumber is proud to offer framing contractors a more efficient option when it comes to ordering lumber. Opti-Frame allows contractors to save on labor and material costs, increase efficiency, and improve safety for their workers.

What is Opti-Frame?

Opti-Frame is a precut framing lumber package that can help contractors save time and money on wood-framed buildings.

It starts when the structural design is loaded into BIM (building information modeling) software and a digital model is created. Using the information provided by the model, the studs, plates, headers, etc. are precut and labeled. They are bundled by wall assembly into precut packages. The pieces are labeled to match the construction drawings, making wall assembly quick and easy. Stud locations are pre-marked, and there is no cutting required. Workers simply follow the drawings, placing the labeled pieces where shown, to assemble the components of the building.

Similar systems have been compared to traditional stick building to confirm their efficiencies and lower cost. Buildings of similar size and complexity were built using precut framing lumber packages and traditional framing packages. The savings cited in this article are the result of the scientific analysis of the two framing systems.

Benefits of Opti-Frame

Saves labor

With precut packages, there is little to no cutting required on-site. Pieces are premeasured and cut to match the drawings. This allows framing crews to focus on installation, instead of measuring and cutting. Also, since the layout is completed at the factory, lead carpenters aren’t needed on-site. Framing contractors can use less experienced, and less expensive, labor to install the framing for a building. Because of its increased efficiency, framing installation time can be decreased up to 20% over traditional stick framing.

Less waste

According to estimates from the NAHB, unused wood makes up to 40% of Jobsite waste. Framers often order 8 to 12% more materials as a waste factor. The precut system eliminates the need to order additional lumber, and there’s no cutting, so there are no scraps. Projects using the system use only one dumpster, as opposed to three with traditional stick framing projects.

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