Project of the Week – Build a Puzzle Coffee Table

Check out this awesome coffee table. It features nine puzzle pieces that can be taken apart and used as individual tables. Neat, right? Continue reading to find out how you can make this puzzle table.

DIY - puzzle table

The puzzle table consists of the table top puzzle pieces and legs for supporting the puzzle pieces. For the puzzle pieces, you can either use one big piece of lumber (such as a pine panel or an old table top) to cut the pieces out of. Or you can cut the puzzle pieces from smaller pieces of lumber (such as pine shelving). The legs can also be made from shelving or other types of lumber. Tools and other materials you will need include saw, router, sandpaper, glue, dowels, and dowel marker pins. Below are the basic instructions for building your very own puzzle coffee table.

DIY - puzzle pattern for coffee table
Figure 1 – create pattern for puzzle pieces

DIY - puzzle pieces for coffee table
Figure 2 – cut puzzle pieces

Tabletop Puzzle Pieces

  1. Draw your puzzle pieces on paper or cardboard (figure 1)
  2. Cut out the pattern pieces
  3. Trace the patterns on your the lumber you selected for your table top
  4. Use a band saw or jigsaw to cut out the wooden puzzle pieces (figure 2)
  5. Use a router and sand paper to smooth out the pieces

DIY - leg slot for puzzle coffee table
Figure 3 – cut leg slot

DIY - puzzle coffee table legs
Figure 4 – assemble table legs

Table Legs

  1. Cut slots into your leg pieces (figure 3)
  2. Use a paint can to trace a curve on the end opposite your leg slot
  3. Use a jigsaw to cut the curve for the bottom of your legs
  4. Sand the curved leg
  5. Apply glue in the leg slots and then slide two leg pieces together to form one leg (figure 4)
  6. Drill four holes in the legs for dowels (one in each section of the leg)

DIY - attaching legs to puzzle coffee table
Figure 5 – attach legs to table surface

Assembling the Puzzle Pieces

  1. Use dowel marker pins to mark the underside of the table pieces
  2. Drill hours on the underside of the puzzle pieces for the dowels
  3. Apply glue in the leg holes and insert dowels
  4. Apply glue in the table holes and then use dowels to attach the legs to the puzzle pieces (figure 5)
  5. Sand and then stain the puzzle pieces and legs (figure 6)

DIY - staining puzzle coffee table
Figure 6 – stain coffee table

DIY source and more details: How to Fix Drywall Holes (you will need to run the page through a language translator)