Selecting the Right Fasteners and Screws for the Job

Parr Lumber was recently featured on Garden Times. In the TV segment, Amber over at our Albany location discussed selecting the right fasteners and screws for the job.

Fasteners and Screws Highlights

  • Composite decking screws have threads in two different directions that are designed to pull the board closer to the deck and prevent mushrooming, or lumps in your deck
  • Self drilling screws are used for drilling into metal because they can handle the extreme heat of drilling into metal surfaces
  • A yellow zinc screw is designed for interior uses because they are not coated for the weather
  • Sheetrock screws have a phosphate coating that resists the rust a little better than the yellow zinc ones
  • Woodfast screws have a tiny washer on them so they can create a weather-tight seal around the screw when you attach it