Weatherizing Your Home in 4 Easy Steps | Parr Lumber

As the temperature drops and snowflakes start dancing in the air, it’s time to gear up for the winter season. While cozying up indoors can be delightful, preparing your home for winter’s challenges is essential. Let our Weekend Warriors, Tony, and Corey, guide you through some simple yet effective tips to weatherize your house and […]

Get Cash Back for Upgrading Your Home

Energy Trust of Oregon

It’s been cold lately, right? Thanks to PGE, now is your chance to do something about it. The company is offering cash incentives on qualifying high-efficiency appliances, water heating, weatherization, heating and solar installations. If you’re a PGE customer, you’re eligible for cash back-incentives and free services from Energy Trust to help make your home […]

Get Cash Back for Weatherizing Your Home

Energy Trust Oregon incentives - Parr Lumber

Did you know you can get cash back for weatherization and other home upgrades? It’s true. Energy Trust of Oregon offers cash incentives for energy-efficient upgrades to single-family and multi-family homes in both Washington and Oregon. For instance, Energy Trust of Oregon will pay homeowners $150 to seal air leaks in their homes. Isn’t that […]